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Success can be perceived differently by many people in many different circumstances.

So, what exactly does SUCCESS Mean?

According to McMillan’s Online Dictionary: 

Success (noun) is “the achievement of something that you planned to do or attempted to do”.

So, to grow that Success, would mean that you put certain strategies in place that will enable you to create more successes based on the outcome of your initial success.

Here’s an example.

A certain Mr Dada, decided to open a Restaurant in Kent, somewhere. It took him quite sometimes to find even the first customers because he was selling non-English meals – like “Dodo- or Fried Plantain” and “Moi-Moi”, “Jollof Rice” etc. These are West African Meals. So, he starts to invite random English People in, just for them to have a taste of his food. His strategy is to give you the first plate of food free of charge.

Mr Dada’s Offer

His first five takers really loved his “Jollof” rice. So, he tells them, “Look Guys, I would appreciate it if you could invite a friend or two to taste my Jollof Rice. If You do that, I will give you a bottle of Soft Drink free.”

These five people leave and in their next visit, they bring in five new people. The original five  now pay for their meals, their five friends also pay for their meals, but Mr Dada now offers free drinks to all and requests those five new friends to bring in five of their own friends on their next visit. 

The process multiplies and, soon, the restaurant is filled with regular customers – and they are all happy to be paying customers. Mr Dada has successfully “grown” his own success by harnessing the “power of five”. Not only that, he has also learnt to “give in order to receive”.

Applying the Same Principle to Any Business.

You can apply the same principle to any business that you run. 

– Give a few people a free trial for a short period and get them to recommend your service to a friend or two.

-Give a small Discount to your Customers and they will be happy to recommend your service to their friends

Create an Open Day when you show people how your business works and serve them some biscuits and tea / coffee. You will be surprised how they will become your “ambassadors” telling their friends how much of an expert you are in what you do.

Leveraging the “Word of Mouth Promotion”.

People have always said that the best way to advertise your business is through leveraging the power of “word of mouth”. This is true. Most people are more likely to try out something new simply because a friend or a family member has recommended that service or product.

How Can Business Leads Generation Help You Grow Your Business Success?

We can help you do the following:

Advertise your Business on Facebook and bring in hundreds of customers generically.

We can help You Create a Facebook Check-in Campaign which leverages the Word of Mouth strategy described above, because your customers will tell their Facebook Friends how good your service is, by sharing photographs of your meals or services, and this will go viral.

We can help you Claim Your Listing on Google, and Optimize Your Website to get it to Page 1 on Google Search. 

We can help you create and run Your Google Adwords Campaign, using the right Keywords.

We Can Create Your Website to Give You A Web Presence that is Search Engine Optimized, etc.

There is so much that we can do to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS!

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