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Google Adwords

Apart from Word of Mouth, you can pay for adverts on Google Adwords.

Google adverts are a great way to get new customers regularly.

However, to succeed in getting the right customers, you will need to know  how to search for and use the right keywords.

Google will usually help you by giving you £75 or £100 free towards your adverts, but you need to have spent some money first, before that amount is released for your adverts. This is useful and easily helps to boost your advert budget.

The Usefulness of Google Adwords

You can target a certain Geographical area for your Ad

You can also target a certain age group

You can choose the keywords suggested by Google or add your own keywords

 Your ad cost is directly related to the number of clicks you get.

The Problem with Google Ads

If your keywords are highly competitive, you will need to spend a good sum of money in order to match the competition. Otherwise, your advert will not be seen as frequently as you would like it to be seen. We can help you choose the best keywords that will deliver a good return on your investment.

What We Can Do For You

As part of our Service, we can help you Create and Manage Your Google Ads so that your business can get the maximum benefit from your Adverts,  thus making sure that your budget is managed in the most productive way.

You can hire us to Manage Your Advertising for you and help you generate regular customers for your business.

To request a free Consultation, please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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