New Customers for Restaurants.

What if we can help you Acquire New Customers regularly?

If you own a restaurant, chances are, you already have fairly regular customers. 

But what do you do if you need to increase your customer base?

Acquiring New Customers

The process of acquiring new customers can be quite slow if you do not participate in regular advertising of your various foods. The difference between those who have to have long-term bookings for their service and those who wait for Mother Luck to shine on them is advertising and promotions.

There are several ways any restaurant can get in new and regular customers.


This is basic and many restaurants already do this. So, every morning or afternoon, once your postman has been to your house, you will find several Chinese, Pizza and Kebab restaurant leaflets. Most people just throw the leaflets in their recycling bin. Because there are too many of them, and unless you are really looking for a Chinese Takeaway, or a Pizza Hut to go to, you can’t be bothered to even call them. 

Statistics show that only 10% of leaflets delivered ever get any response! So, for Leaflets to work as a credible form of advertising, you will need thousands of them to be distributed.

Regular Advertising.

This can cost you a lot of money. You can take out a colon in your Local Newspaper, and pay for aday’s or a week’s advertising. The price for this might be reasonable, but from experience, you need to appear in that newspaper regularly for a few weeks before you begin to see a good result.

Face Book Check-in Programme.

This is one of our recommended advertising programme. We can offer to create and manage your Facebook Check-in Programme for a small amount of money per month and get you maximum results.

How it works.

It leverages your current customers’ word-of-mouth/sharing 

activities to increase your customer base.

– It will increase your Customer engagement

– It will increase your customer relationship

– It creates Repeat Customer Experience

– It builds brand Loyalty

– iT develops brand awareness 

and most important of all,

– It brings in new customers regularly.

And do you know what, we will Develop Your Programme on

 Facebook and do everything it needs to get you excellent 

results and tremendously increase your customer base.


Contact us today, to find out more about this programme and

 how we can help your restaurant benefit from it.

You can watch this short video here:

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See you soon.

Dr Grace Anderson.

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