Facebook Check-in Programme: How it Works

If you already have a Facebook Page for your business, you will notice the Check-in button like this:

The Check-in Programme gives  your Customers the opportunity to share the pictures they took of your products or services, like different menus, if you own a restaurant, for example.

When the click on the Check in tab, they can post these photos on there and write comments about what they enjoyed about the photos they are sharing.

Viral Effect.

This checkin programme is basically one really effective way of getting your business and services to go viral on Facebook.Once one person makes a recommendation to a friend or two, and these friends also share these photos and recommendations with their friends, then, before you know it, you will have new customers coming through your doors, just to check out what has been recommended to them on Facebook.

 It’s a very effective “word-of-mouth” way of advertising, because people tend to trust their friends’ recommendations.

We can help you.

One of our services for businesses is the Facebook Checkin Programme.

Watch this Video to see how it works for businesses, especially, for restaurants. The process is the same for other businesses.

It requires quite some work to manage the Facebook Checkin effectively. Some of the things we will help you do are:

– Creating your Table Top Adverts or Offers – to attract new customers

-Managing the Checkin Programme for you so that the posts your customers are putting on their pages are effectively shared.

– Creating and manage Contests that will entice new customers to take part and encourage them to visit your restaurant or business

– Reviewing the progress made and using other techniques to improve the Checkin results

– And much more..

Do You Need HELP?

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Dr Grace Anderson.


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