Do you own a Restaurant? 

          Let’s Manage Your Facebook Check-in Programme.



Would you like to massively increase your clientele this month?
We are Facebook Check-in Managers and we can help you!

Facebook Check-in allows your Customers to tell all their friends about your products – word-of-mouth recommendations that are invaluable for any business!

What we do:

We will get to know your Restaurant and what you offer.
We will help you create a relevant promotion.
We will help you get your Promo Desktops designed and printed.
We will show you how to record the reactions of your customers.
And we will then set up your Facebook Check-in Programme.

We will set up your promotions.
We will monitor the check-in activities for you and tweak it for best conversions.
Then, you can relax and watch your Customer numbers increase..
It’s as simple as that!

This month alone, we are giving our first 10 Clients a 10% discount off our usual charge! 

First 10 Clients only! Contact us now so you don’t miss out!

To get this discount and all the benefits that go with it, please visit our website today to request a Call from us. Please make sure you fill out the Business Owners’ Enquiry Form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your needs.

Chat soon.

Dr Grace Anderson

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